• Thursday | 23-May-2019

Molecular Medicine

Molecular Medicine

Dr Paras Singh Head of the Department View Profile

List of Equipment:

Equipment procurement process for molecular laboratory setup has started to procure instruments for the Molecular Medicine laboratory.

Activities :

The institute has recently constructed a new division for the purpose of molecular research activities in regard to tuberculosis, HIV, lung cancer, and other infectious diseases. Currently, department of Molecular Medicine is providing diagnostic facility to patients; Multiplex PCR for identification of M. tuberculosis in Pulmonary as well as extra-pulmonary cases. Dept. also facilitates Real Time screening assays for M. tuberculosis in pulmonary and extrapulmonary cases and HIV-1 Viral load testing to AIDS patients. Effort has been made for further molecular identification of NTM from MTB complex by conventional PCR for proper diagnosis and treatment of patients. Laboratory diagnosis on pulmonary and extra-pulmonary has been streamlined and is communicated to clinicians.

The major focus of research activities in the division is towards disease susceptibility: Biomarkers like Chemokines receptors and its ligands; CCR2, MCP-1, TLR etc in Tuberculosis and HIV-1 infection, Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor gene variants, XRCC4 gene variants and SNPs in lung cancer primarily. Recruitment of healthy volunteers has started for recently approved projects with the collaboration of Dr. Singla (HOD, Dept of TB & Respiratory disease).

Vision for Next two year: With the demand for better services in tuberculosis rapid diagnosis and resistance detection increasing steadily, our effort will be continuously introducing the latest molecular tools for identification of pathogen. Our major focus will be on early diagnosis and treatment of Pediatric tuberculosis patients in next couple of year. Secondly, to introduce CD4 Counts facility to AIDS Patients. Effort will be made for NTM identification by RFLP or Innolipa in immunocompromised patients and further MDR/XDR identification by real time PCR assays.

On-going Research/Projects :

  1. Role of PCR in Detection of Mycobacteria in Pulmonary and Extra Pulmonary cases .
  2. Innate immunity Markers: Role of Toll –like receptors Association of TLR4 with tuberculosis: Indian Scenario.