• Friday | 3-April-2020

Medical Records

Medical Records

Medical record is an important part of the management of patient and it consist of various documents about a patient history, clinical findings, diagnosis test results, pre-operative case, operation notes, post operative case and daily notes of a patient’s progress and medications.

After the patient discharge from wards and emergency, the complete file comes to medical records section and it will be kept in a systematic way with the objective of making easy availability to the doctor as well as to the concerned staff. First, the file will be entered in Register and later kept it in rack with serial number and datewise. Discharge form will be taken out and send to computer section for annual report purpose. Apart from this Medical Record section helps in insurance claim and court cases as when required. Files are also been sent in death meeting for discussion every month. The files are usually kept for ten years in record section as per the present policy of the Institute.

Approximately 70,000 – 75,000 files are kept in medical record room at a time. We are moving towards digitization of medical records.


Name Designation
Dr. Pravesh Yadav        In-charge
Sh. Mahesh Chander Record Sorter
Sh. Pooran Chandra Record Sorter