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 Ms Ankita Dey Statistician  

The statistician is involved in research activities being carried out in the institute. The statistician helps the researchers in planning of the research studies, sample size determination and critical data analysis utilizing the scientific statistical tools. Technical and statistical assistance is also provided to the DNB students for their research thesis.  Lectures for the new DNB are given on Basic Statistics, Sample size determination, Sampling Methodologies etc for carrying out the research during the DNB course. The statistician is also involved as a co- investigator in some of the research studies.

The section collects the patient’s data from various departments of the institute. Reports are compiled on monthly, quarterly and annual basis.  The section compiles a monthly statistical report for internal circulation. A monthly statistical meeting is being organized on every third Thursday of the month under the Chairmanship of the Director. The Institute’s data is presented by the Statistician during the meeting. All the doctors & officers attend this meeting and discuss the data of the institute.

 The statistician also imparts training to delegates at various levels like trainee health visitors, and technicians for documentation, monitoring and preparation of various statistical reports.