• Sunday | 25-February-2018



Dr Rohit Sarin Director  
Mr Rajan Sood P.S to Director  
Mr Anil Awasthi P.A to Director  
Dr. Sanjay Gupta CMO (Administration) & PIO (RTI)   
Dr. V. P. Myneedu Appellate Authority (RTI )  
Dr. Vikram Vohra Trasparency Officer   
Dr. Ajoy Verma Warden for Residence Hostel  
Dr. R K Dewan   Public / Employees Grievances Officer  
Sh. Vijay Bhatt O.S.& Administrative Officer (O)  
Sh. Sanjeev Kumar Administrative Assistant  
Sh. Kunwar Singh Jr. Hindi Translator  
Sh. Rajnikant U.D.C.  
Smt. Reeta LDC  
Sh. Suresh LDC  
Other Committees  

Responsible for formulation and implementation of HR policies, manpower planning, recruitment and selection, staff training, disciplinary matters, performance appraisal, wage and salary fixation, allotment of quarters, arrangement of office space to departments, issue of identity cards, EHS books, Sanction of leave, LTC, and making entries in service books. Regular maintenance of service books, reply to parliament questions, providing information under RTI, attending court cases, public grievances, signing contracts / agreements/MOUs etc.

Implementation of reservation policy in direct recruitment and promotions as per constitutional provisions. 

Manpower                              Employees Details

Group Sanctioned In-Position
A   55   51
B 193 190
C   (GP above 1800)    89    84
D   (GP 1800)  197  184
Contractual Calss-III    10    10
Contractual Class-IV      5      5
Senior Resident    23     13
Junior Resident (DNB)    38     38