• Friday | 3-April-2020

Computer Section

Computer Section

Mr G V Raju System Analyst View Profile

Computer section responsible to capture, store, process and disseminate clinical information across various departments in the Institute. The digitization of patient care services has been started by implementing a software package called H.I.S (Hospital Information System) for OPD Registration, OPD Doctors module, Medical Record Room, Microbiology lab,  Pathology lab, Patient Billing, Medical Store and General Store.

To take care above activities a LAN (Local Area Network)  planned and established by keeping in mind for future expansions as need arises from time to time. Fiber-optic cabling used to connect buildings in the Institute. At present 100 mbps lease line circuit  for internet services used and it was provided by National Knowledge Network of NIC.

The section effectively coordinating between various deaprtments of government for digitalisation of patient care servicesand other related works by expanding LAN system to fullfil technical responsibilities.