• Thursday | 16-September-2021




Linen and laundry is a very important recognized support service which not only ensures prevention and containment of hospital infection but also contributes to widen the image of the hospital in the eyes of public. The dictionary meaning of linen is a flex or an article of cotton. However, in hospital the term is used for clothing of the patient, medical and Para-medical staff and also the clothing material used for the patients care services in operation theatres, beds trolleys including the mattresses, pillows, blankets, sheets and towels etc. 

The Clean linen installs psychological confidence in the patients and the public and enhances their faith in the services rendered by the hospital.

 Simultaneously an efficient linen and laundry service is of advantage for hospital reputation and speaks of ability of the medical care service. 

NITRD is having state of art latest laundry equipments installed at beautiful clean separate laundry block. Running and maintenance of the laundry is performed by specialized company to ensure good quality services.

Staff Members

Name Designation
Dr Pravesh  Yadav AMS and I/c Laundry
Mrs Sangeeta Pal Sister-in-charge
Mr Sakinder Housekeeper