Anti Retroviral Therapy Centre


Dr. Upasna Agarwal, Head, Department of (Internal Medicine)


Under the supervision of the In-charge, the ART centre is being run by the following dedicated team:

·         Dr Mangal Singh Joshal, Senior Medical Officer

·         Dr. Anushree, Medical Officer

·         Ms Nasreen, Staff  Nurse

·         Ms. Bhagwati, ,Counselor

·         Mr. Niraj Dubey, Counselor

       Ms. Sarika, Counselor

·         Mr. Arjun Kumar, Data Manager

        Ms. Tulsi, Data Manager

·         Mr. Satpal, Laboratory Technician

·         Mr. Vinit Kumar, Pharmacist

·         Mr Vijay Kumar, Community Care Coordinator

·         Dr. Ananya Prabhu Specialist

Services and facilities at the ART Centre:

  • Treatment of HIV infected persons with provision of free life- long supply of antiretroviral drugs.
  • Expert management of HIV-TB cases by trained physicians in this field
  • Diagnosis and management of other opportunistic infections
  • Care of HIV patients not on ART (Pre-ART care)
  • High quality counselling services for people living with HIV  given by trained counselors – Treatment Preparation and Adherence counseling – Family counseling
  • Free CD4 testing and free viral load testing facilities.
  • In patient admission facility for HIV-TB cases
  • ICU care of HIV patients with respiratory emergencies
  • Provision of Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) for health care workers
  • Linkages with NGOs for socio-economic schemes
  • Research and training in the field of HIV-TB 


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