Dr. Khalid Umer KhayyamOfficer-in-Charge 
 Smt. Ankita DeyStatistician 
The Statistician is involved in research activities being carried out in the NITRD as well as involved in the data collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation of quantitative information. The section collects the patient’s data from various Departments of the Institute and prepares a monthly statistical report for internal circulation. A monthly statistical meeting is being organized on every third Thursday of the month under the Chairmanship of the Director. A power-point presentation containing the statistical data analysis using advanced techniques of descriptive and inferential statistics is prepared by the Statistician for discussion on monthly data collected from various Departments of the Institute and is presented by the Statistician during the meeting. All the doctors & officers attend this meeting and discuss the data of the Institute for gaining an insight into the day-to-day functioning of the respective Departments of the Institute. During the year 2020-2021, the monthly statistical meetings are conducted virtually through ECHO hub, online meeting platform of the Institute, for COVID-19 pandemic situation. The Statistician is also involved in the revision and improvisation of the Statistical System of the Institute. The Statistician carries out compilation of quarterly data for the Newsletter published by the Institute. Statistical analysis of quarterly data, annual trend analysis and time series analysis of the data of different Departments of the Institute are performed. The Statistician is involved in production of Annual Report for preparation of tabular format of summarized data (more than 60 tables) by aggregating and collating the data of monthly statistical reports. The Statistician helps the Faculty Members / Doctors of the Institute in planning of the intramural research studies of the Institute e.g., Research Methodology, Research Plan, Framing of Hypothesis, Data collection plan with appropriate sampling techniques, Sample size determination, Critical analysis of data using parametric and non-parametric techniques, regression analysis, clustering and classification analysis etc. and relevant use of Statistical soft wares (eg. MS Excel, SPSS, R). Guidance and support in the above-mentioned areas of Statistical analysis and interpretation is also provided to the DNB students for their research thesis. The Statistician is carrying out any other responsibilities assigned by the Director from time to time. The Statistician served as a member in the Research Committee and the Annual Report Committee of the Institute during 2020-2021.
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