Dr. RC Jain Thoracic Surgery Center

 The Operation Theatre Block of the Institute was named as Dr. R.C. Jain Thoracic Surgery Centre in the memory of the founder Director Dr. R. C. Jain who passed away in 2011. Dr. Jain was a noted Thoracic Surgeon and a great administrator who was instrumental in getting the erstwhile Lala Ram Sarup TB Hospital taken over by the Government of India as an autonomous Institute.

The centre is the work station of the Thoracic Surgery and the Anesthesia Departments. It is fully equipped with latest equipments, instruments and gadgets. It has got two operation theaters having central air conditioning and a laminar air flow system.  Dedicated Nursing Staff and technicians are available to assist the Physicians. About 500 Thoracic Surgical Procedures are carried out every year. The center has always been known for its excellence and attracts patients from far and wide. The cases usually include surgery for complications of pulmonary tuberculosis and carcinoma lung in addition to other chest conditions. All types of major chest surgery like lung resections, decortication, thoracoplasty, video-assisted thoracic surgery and tracheal surgery are being done. Latest techniques like double lumen endo-tracheal tubes, monitoring lines, bronchoscopes, VATS, surgical staplers, harmonic scalpel, digital portable suction machine and tissue patch etc. are employed to obtain the best possible result.