Department of Epidemiology And Public Health

Dr. Khalid Umer Khayyam       –        Epidemiologist and HOD

Dr. Neeta Singla             –        Research Officer (SAG)


Following activities are being carried out by the Department: –


  1. Running National Tuberculosis Elimination Programme (NTEP) with the help of staff provided by STO, Delhi, in a defined geographical area in the southern part of Delhi covering a population about one million.
  2. It coordinates with Department of TB & Respiratory Diseases for providing treatment of TB patients under NTEP.
  3. Facilitating the NTEP training of MOs, MOTCs, DTOs and STOs from different parts of the country on a continuous basis.
  4. Regular NTEP teaching programme for nursing staff of the Institute and for nursing students from other Institutes.
  5. Regular teaching activities of post graduate students, both from within and outside the Institute.
  6. Delivered guest lectures and attended various conferences at both national and international level.
  7. Organized various workshops on involvement of NGO and PPs in NTEP.
  8. Involved in developing teaching modules for nurses for PMDT.
  9. Many publications in international and national journals.