Dr.  Anita Rani Kansal Nursing Superintendent
Ms.  Raj Shree B. Gourkhede Dy. Nursing Superintendent
Ms.  Manjari Reema Bala Prakash Dy.  Nursing Superintendent
Ms.  Lata Rajesh David Astt. Nursing Superintendent
Ms.  Sangeeta Pal Astt. Nursing Superintendent
Ms.  Reeta A. Masih Astt. Nursing Superintendent
The Department is providing quality nursing care for the critical ill, surgical, paediatric and other respiratory disease patients by using the assignment of patient method and functional method. Nurses are taking care of indoor patients, outdoor patients, special clinics, vaccinations for covid.
In education, department is organizing teaching and training programmes for B.Sc. Nursing students from Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur College of Nursing. Department has also started contribution in nursing research by guiding. Dissertation of M.Sc. Nursing students of R.A.K. College, New Delhi.   Continuing Nursing Education also contributes to up gradation of in-service nurses based on need assessment. Department is engaged in nursing research activities and organising training programmes in collaboration with International Council of Nursing and Indian Nursing Council.
Department is actively involved in any health crisis of country such as COVID-19. Nursing staff learnt and conducted training on COVID-19 and cared for COVID patients when nation needed it. The department is fully responsible for infection control and waste management, pest control and supervision of laundry service.